Dave , Manufacturing Engineer Graduate (2012) has more than 13 years of experience in the 2nd hand marketplaces. He has acquired, flipped, and bartered over 220 assets valuing $300,000.00+ across  7 states. Formerly working as a Mechanical Design Engineer for 7 years, Dave worked amongst the most detailed, efficient, and well-educated colleagues. Dave admired and gravitated towards Japanese methodology from Business Operations Management professors in which he applies to this startup. He takes pride in a quality product with a quality target audience.  


Dave loves the thrift world due to the fact of humans leaving less of a foot print but also admires quality engineering and materials back in the day. He loves hard to find items like old gas pumps, oil cans, coca-cola / Marlboro memorabilia, and just old school items that are obsolete. 


His vision is to create a consolidated vintage community on one platform and to get off the broad marketplaces where the value of these vintages are not recognized. #oldsoul

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CEO, Marketing Strategist, and Director of Technology  Do U Have



David was born into a life of isolation. Isolation in which he preferred. At the earliest ages, he began an obsession with Legos. 10- 14 hours would go by with no relativity of time “his Parents say”, in a spot laying or sitting on the floor.


David then became obsessed with electro-mechanical hobbies. In his 6th grade class, he and classmates were subjected to inventing a project in which he presented a fully electric mini scale lawn mower made from Lego parts and an AOL aluminum CD ROM case as the frame.


One of David's biggest excitements was when his dad took him to a Hobby Town USA store once in a blue moon. He then became obsessed with Remote Control Cars, modifying and customizing them in any way.


Shortly after he rebuilt go-karts, Cars, Motorcycles, he began flipping any item he could. Not only did he enjoy an Item’s uniqueness and ingenuity, but it drove him to make money as well. As soon as he got his drivers license, he was driving across 7 states on most weekends, and sometimes weekdays. Anything from a 1970 Restored El Camino to a full oak stem and brass head vintage golf club. He remembers to this day, that he bartered, sold, and traded, one by one, to work his way up to having profited over $40,000.00 by  the age of 19. It was what he loved to do and he started documenting Bill of Sales in which he has record today.



Early Life